Write to the Ethereum Blockchain using a Metamask Wallet within a Vue Application

Now things start getting real!  We set up a Metamask wallet with 10,000 fake ether that we use to write to the smart contract we've deployed on our local development box.

If you don't have a Metamask installed, go install their Chrome extension now and follow their getting started guide to set up an account.

After you have Metamask installed and you are signed in to your wallet, start by changing the network from Mainnet to your Localhost network.  After that you'll want to import an account using a wallet address that was output to the terminal when you started your local Ethereum node in Lesson 2.  Copy any of the 20 private keys into the private key input field in Metamask.  You should see 10,000 ether in this account that we can use to update contracts on our local blockchain.

Now the we have a wallet set up, let's update our Greeting Dapp Vue component so that it can write to our deployed smart contract.
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