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What is Nimble Labs?

Nimble Labs is a learning platform with the mission of helping one million people learn something new. We seek to take complex topics and break them down into bit-sized ideas that are easier to comprehend.

Our initial focus is on helping you learn to code. In today's economy demand has never been greater for programming skills and we believe if you really want to learn, it should be possible.

What makes Nimble Labs different?


Once you fully understand an idea it becomes yours and no one can take it away from you. Our goal is to help you understand and we will continue to distill large ideas and frameworks it easily digestible bits.

Our goal is to help you understand and we will continue to distill complex ideas into easily digestible bits.

We are able to achieve this because of hard won knowledge built up over decades. So we can see what is important and help you navigate the learning landscape in a much shorter time.

A Message from Our Founder

I have two great passions professionally: learning and teaching.

I've always been curious and enjoyed learning. This is great because this is one of the most important characteristics you need to be successful building software.

And I've also always enjoyed teaching. I've built Nimble Labs completely in the public in videos in order to share my knowledge with the world. Our first course is just the beginning.

-- Harris Reynolds

Our First Course!

Build an App from Scratch with Ruby On Rails

In this course you will be walked through each step that was taken to build the Nimble Labs course system. You will go from knowing nothing about programming to creating a rails application and hosting it on your own domain name.

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7 modules, 67 videos

What You Will Learn
  • The basics of Ruby on Rails
  • How to use git
  • How to deploy an application
  • How to style a web page
  • What MVC is and why it is useful
  • And lots more ... 67 bit-sized videos!