The input of our process is your idea. We start there, then work closely with you to lay out your goals to ensure your idea becomes a reality.


Your ideas begins to take shape as we create the user experience and UI in a formal design focused on accomplishing your goals.


We don't rest until your project is complete and your users area actively benefiting from our solution. We get things done!

Happy Clients!

When our clients are happy, we are happy! We continue to listen to your questions, concerns and ideas throughout the lifecycle and are nimble enough to make adjustments when necessary.

About Nimble Labs

Founded in 2007, Nimble Labs has been helping both startups and large corporations develop software more quickly and reliably for over a decade.

Our services


Mockups, wireframing, user interaction diagrams, complete UI blueprints

Web development

Full-stack web develoment, Rich Internet Applications, Javascript/HTML/CSS

Data visualization

Dashboards, full-suite of graphs and charts, geographic visualization, D3.js, charts.js etc.

Machine Learning

Make your applications smarter by investing in the future of technology today.

The process


What is your idea? What are your goals? Why do you want to achieve this? We start by doing a deep dive into each of these questions to fully understand where we are headed. After thoroughly investigating these questions we develop the requirements that will be used to measure our success. These requirements will be the source of truth throughout the lifecycle of your project.

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Creating a world-class software product that truly delights users requires to things: simplicity and beauty. We take the time to outline both the user experience and the user interface with these two metrics in mind. Is the product easy to understand and use? And does it look good? We always strive for both style and great functionality so your users feel like royalty.

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With our world-class blueprints in hand, we set out to build your software project with source code that is as clean and beautiful as the UI. This allows your team to maintain the project for many years to come without worrying about the foundation. Our solutions are always both accurate and performant, and we are only done when your requirements are fully met. This is where your idea becomes a reality.

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Our clients say

Hossein Gonzales, Executive Director

Harland Clarke

"Nimble Labs is creative and innovative in finding solutions to complex challenges."